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Since 1956, Bronson & Bratton has been supplying various components for the Aerospace Industry. These items are assembled in jet engines & missile defense systems including several parts and sub-assemblies in fuel controls.


Examples of Products Manufactured:

Bearings: special, collar, sleeves.

Valves: ball, servo, pilot, solenoid, amplifier, enrichment, sequence, spools and sleeves, levers, shafts, pistons, plungers, plugs, pins, metering valves and actuators, speed and governor weights, adjustment screws, plates, push rods, counterweights, rod assemblies, restrictors, receivers, retainers, and cams.

Housings: various sized housings in complex materials. 


Bronson & Bratton's experienced personnel can add technical expertise and engineering support during the development of new processes for manufacturing of precision machined components, such as aerospace parts. We have equipment to handle both prototyping and production of parts. Expertise in EDM (Wire and Sinker), and contour and cylindrical grinding are also strong capabilities at our facility.

Quality is of utmost importance at Bronson & Bratton and essential in all areas of manufacturing, but it is of particular importance in the aerospace industry. Some of our newer products include items being utilized in the X-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). We are AS9100:2016 Rev D certified, meet MIL-1-45208A inspection requirements and MIL-STD-45662 for calibration. We are proud to be a qualified supplier in this area, and are committed to maintaining that status.


One important aspect in the development of new product solutions is the effective utilization of new materials and coatings. Some exotic materials we work with include nickel and cobalt binder tungsten carbide in several grades, various compositions of ceramic materials, and the family of stellite materials. The various steel alloys including heavy metals are also manufactured at Bronson & Bratton. Coatings (PVD/CVD/DLC/TDC/etc...), thermal diffusion, paint, anodize, passivation, cryogenic treatment of materials, etc... can be requested as needed.
Please direct all questions to John Grenier (ext. 875) or Ben Kirchhoff (ext. 876). Bronson & Bratton welcomes all inquiries and would be delighted to serve your needs.

Sample Parts:

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