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B&B Sales Divisions

We have 5 Teams at Bronson & Bratton with their own area of expertise. 

To contact one of our teams directly dial (630)-570-4XXX where XXX is the extension number:

Team: B

Product Expertise: Tungsten carbide and ceramic tools, dies, and wear parts.

Sales Manager: Dennis Johnson (x861)

Email Address:



Team: D

Product Expertise: Tungsten carbide draw dies, shell-type & brazed-type mandrel assemblies.

Sales Manager: Dennis Johnson (x861)

Email Address:



Team: H

Product Expertise: Mechanical Seal Rings, Sleeve Bearings.

Sales Manager: John Grenier (x875)

Email Address:



Team: G

Product Expertise: Aerospace & medical components, knives, machining services, tungsten carbide & ceramic tools, dies, & wear parts.

Sales Manager: John Grenier (x875)

Email Address:



Team: E

Product Expertise: Powdered Metal Compacting Tooling.

Sales Manager: Eric Reinert (x851)

Email Address:

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