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Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts

Specializing in servicing and manufacturing carbide, ceramic and steel tooling and wear parts.


Some of the tooling we can make:
Carbide punches, domer dies, redraw dies, stripper fingers, blank punches, doming dies and punch noses, rivet pins, finger hole bushings, pusher pins, panel punches, die buttons, beader rings and rolls, basecoater and printer mandrels, flanging tooling draw sleeves, necker dies, knockouts, rams, seaming rolls, and score tooling.

Roll Tooling:

Tube mill rolls, weld rolls, straightening rolls, scarfing rolls, fins. 

  • New rolls

  • Regrinds

  • Quick Turn Around

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Excellent Quality

Knives, Blades, & Slitters:

A common application for tungsten carbide, this category encompasses many types of cut edges.

Other Products:

The list of miscellaneous applications is endless, but suffice it to say that we have seen thousands over our 7+ decades in business.  If you have an application requiring the precise finishing of hard materials, please contact us.

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Carbide Wear Parts

Some of the wear parts that Bronson & Bratton fabricates are nozzles, orifices, guide rings and bushings, guide blades, bearing sleeves, pump seals and valves, polishing discs and straightening rolls. 

Servicing the metal fabricating industries, Bronson & Bratton provides blanking and stamping die inserts and punches, forming and coining dies and punches, perforators, burnishing tools, draw dies and punches. 

Bronson & Bratton also provides can tooling consisting of slitter knives, cut edge rings, seaming rolls, ironing dies and components for deep drawing. 

All tooling can be supplied in a variety of materials and surface coatings to obtain optimum results in each application. 

Reach out to us for any of your wear part needs. 

Swage Dies

Bronson & Bratton fabricates swage dies for Fenn and Torrington swage machines in solid carbide, carbide inserted and tool steels. 

Swage Dies REV03.jpg
ammunition tooling.jpg

Ammunition Tooling

Bronson & Bratton has been one of the leaders in the development of tungsten carbide ammunition tooling for many years. Bronson & Bratton offers complete capabilities in sizing dies, bullet forming dies, cupping dies, case sizing dies, and anvil dies and punches in virtually every caliber. 

Bronson & Bratton has the capability to meet all stringent defense tooling tolerances as well as those in sporting arms. 

Sample Parts:

Carbide Wear Parts RFQ
RFQ - Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts
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