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Tolerance Capabilities

We are capable of producing gage quality tolerances on our tools and components

and we are always interested in tackling your most difficult-to-manufacture items.


The following tolerances are routinely held (in inches):

  • Lengths and Diameters: +/- 0.0001

  • Contours: +/- 0.0002

  • Angles: +/- 15 sec.

  • Squareness: 0.0001 (“one tenth”) TIR

  • Parallelism: 0.00005 (“fifty millionths”) TIR

  • Concentricity: 0.00005 ("fifty millionths") TIR

  • Roundness: 0.00004 (“forty millionths”) TIR

  • Flatness: Two helium light bands = 0.000022 (“twenty two millionths”)

  • Finish: 4 microinches


Tighter tolerances in all of these categories are possible.  Obviously the size,

configuration, and material will affect tolerance capability.  Please discuss your

tolerance requirements with one of our engineers.  And remember, parts with

looser tolerance requirements are less expensive to manufacture.

Tolerance Capabilities.jpg
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