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B&B History

Walter D. Bronson and William J. Bratton founded Bronson & Bratton in 1948.


Formerly G.E. Carboloy sales engineers, they recognized the need for a company with the knowledge and skill to finish carbide, and a dedication to serve the customer.


Early applications for B & B concentrated on wire and bar drawing dies. Mandrels for tube drawing were soon added. Then heading, nail dies, blanking, and deep drawing applications followed. Bronson & Bratton pioneered the successful application of carbide in tools and dies used in many processes: can lid forming, roll forming, seaming, straightening, and aluminum can drawing. Soon the applications broadened into non-metal working areas: jet fuel atomization, milk evaporation, nuclear fuel pellet compacting, pet food extrusion, rotary seals, and sleeve bearings.  With more recent additions in equipment we are expanding our capabilities into high precision machining for the aerospace and medical markets.


Now in our third location, we are also in the third generation of Bronson family management. We've steadily grown from 4 employees to over 120. Our accumulated knowledge and skill has increased, and our dedication to serve our customers has never wavered.

Dick Bronson Rev02.jpg
Bill Bratton REV03.jpg
Our First Location - 1948-1957                                                4117 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL
Second Location - 1957-1984                                               5161 S Millard Avenue, Chicago, IL
Current Location - 1971 - Present                                       220 Shore Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
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