Powdered Metal Tooling

New Tool Build:

With the latest in Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, and 5-axis CNC Machining, we can handle highly complex parts.


Send us your prints, and B&B will manufacture to your existing drawings. Or, with our CAD and CAM capabilities, we can quickly turn your solid model into a finished tool.

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Design & Build:

Provide us with a solid model or print of the part you want to make, and we’ll produce a complete set of tooling for you. Complete with all adapters and clamps to fit right into your press. Our latest CAD software allows us to calculate for shrinkage due to sintering, and build that right into the tools so that your “green” part will finish right where it needs to be.

Tool Reface:

Send us your cracked, chipped, scuffed, damaged tooling and we’ll make it like new again. Our trained toolmaker’s knowledge and years of experience, with the proper equipment gives us comfort to tackle the most difficult tool re-faces.

Have a solid model of your face form? Send us that in almost any format for an even quicker turn-around.

PM Tooling - Refacing.png

Reverse Engineer:

Broken tool? No print? No problem!

With our advanced quality measurement systems and latest CAD software, we can reverse engineer most broken tooling. We can then provide you with a print to use for future re-faces or replacements. Plus, we will also then have a solid model on file for quick turnaround for the next time.

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PM Tooling - Reverse Engineer.png

Gear Design Software:

Our advanced gear design software ensures that you gear geometry will be per the required specifications provided to us. All specifications are entered into the program which calculates and generates the gear geometry. This geometry can then be directly ported into a solid model which will be used to manufacture the gear tooling.

Finite Element Analysis.jpg

Finite Element Analysis:

See how your tooling and adapters will react under tonnage before any metal is cut to make the tooling. Our advanced software can give you the stress and displacement on any tool member.

Having problems with existing tooling? Send us a solid model and we can run an analysis on it for you, and suggest a corrective action.

Sample Parts:

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